About OME International

Founded in 2007, OME specialize in plastic injection moulds for automotive, electronic, house appliance and other industrial fields. Located at No. 19, Xialian Road, Xiagang, Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, we make injection moulds for famous brands such as Volvo, Ford and Bentley. We are a reliable strategic supplier of companies worldwide.

OME covers an area of 5,600 square meters and has 150 employees. The plant is equipped with advanced tooling machines from Japan, Switherland and Taiwan. The machines enable us to provide high quality moulds and moulded parts to customers all over the world. In order to meet the grwoing demands, we moved to a new plant in March of 2014 and purchased more CNC and EDM machines.

 We have been working with customers from USA and Europe for over 12 years and are quite familiar with DME and Hasco standards. We look forward to working with potential customers in future.

IATF 16949:2016 Certification

We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

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Success Stories

Success Story: Cycle Time Reduction

Using Analysis and our tooling/molding experience we were able to deliver tooling that exceeded to desired output.  Increasing productivity by 20% will save the customer Thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the tooling (expected at 1,000,000 shots) 

Electronics Industry, Customer from Germany, 5 year partnership, 44 tools built for export to Germany.

Fill-time – Analysis shows fill-time at 46 seconds but the customer required 36 seconds.

Design – Changed design to include (BeCu) as new material for inserts.

Production – Customer required maximum cycletime could be only 36 seconds.

Reduction in Full-time – We recommended to change inserts from Steel to Beryllium Copper.

Design – Changed design to include (BeCu) as new material for inserts.

Production – Customer was very pleased, the cycle time at tool trial is established at 29 seconds.

Success Story: Automotive Light Housing

December of 2018, complete program in 8 weeks including design and adjustments after T1. Program shipped to Germany for production after Trial 2.

Our recommendations resulted in elimination of distortion during ejection and reduced cycle time.


Customer’s Design with Ejection Problems

Our suggestion to add stripper bars

Eliminated Distortion

SPI-A1 High Gloss Polish

1 + 1 Cavity

Groditz Steel for Core and Cavity

38 Seconds Cycle Time

Success Story: Large Program - 22 Tools

Using our skilled project management team we can manage large programs (up to 25 tools depending on size). This program included 22 tools, lighting, internal and class A surface exterior components. The program tooling was delivered to Mexico for production on schedule, 21 weeks from design to shipment due to ECN’s requested by the customer before shipment.

Success Story: 2K Rotational Success​

Part name: Car brand lamp
No. of Cavity: 1+1, (2-shot rotational mold)
Steel for cavity & core: 1.2343ESR (Groeditz) , HRC50-52
Injection System: Hotrunner connector configuration (INCOE)
Resin: ABS/PC & PC
Shrinkage Rate: 0.55%
Surface Finish : A-Surface (visible/cosmetic part areas) 1000 grit
B/C-Surface (partially visible or invisible part areas) 600 grit

Tool Size: 396 X 446 X 375mm
Tool Weight: 400 kg
Part Weight: 8 g
Press Ton: 110 Ton
Design Time: 2 weeks
Manufacturing Time: 5 weeks
Export: Germany, December 1, 2018